What can I do and where can I stay in Bangkok if I arrive at 4am, before the markets and malls open?

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Case Study: Early Morning Arrival in Bangkok

The original case presented a challenge faced by many travelers: arriving in a city in the wee hours of the morning when most businesses, including markets and malls, are closed. In this case, the traveler was arriving in Bangkok at 4am and was seeking advice on what to do and where to stay while waiting for the city to wake up.

Thai Kru, with its expertise in all things Thailand, provided several options for the traveler to consider. Firstly, Thai Kru recommended the Sampaeng Market. Unlike most markets, Sampaeng operates at early hours, with wholesale trades starting from 2 am until 7 am. This market also transitions to a normal market from 8 am to 6 pm. The traveler would not only be able to do some early morning shopping but also enjoy a variety of local street food as Sampaeng is located near Chinatown.

Alternatively, Thai Kru suggested visiting the King's Palace in the morning. From there, the traveler could have lunch at the view deck in front of Wat Arun, also known as the Dawn Temple. Both these attractions are within walking distance from Sanam Chai railway station, which is connected to the airport railway. This option would allow the traveler to start sightseeing immediately upon arrival.

Thai Kru also advised the traveler to consider paying for an early check-in at their hotel. This would allow them to freshen up and rest before starting their Bangkok adventure. Thai Kru even shared their own experience of doing this at a very minimal cost a few weeks ago.

With its comprehensive knowledge and vast experience, Thai Kru can assist travelers in making the most of their time in Thailand, regardless of their arrival time. From securing early hotel check-ins to recommending less well-known attractions like the early-bird Sampaeng Market or the scenic Wat Arun, Thai Kru ensures that every moment in Thailand is well spent.

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