What is the procedure for renewing a 5-year license at the Bang Lamung office as a foreigner?

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Case Study: Procedure for Renewing a 5-year License at the Bang Lamung Office

The original case presented a question regarding the process of renewing a 5-year license at the Bang Lamung office as a foreigner. The individual was unsure about whether Bang Lamung offered this service, if they had to sit through a video in their "conference room", what the waiting times would be if they arrived early in the morning, and whether there were any other unexpected scenarios they should be prepared for.

In response to these inquiries, Thai Kru provided specific, step-by-step instructions. First, it was explained that foreigners need to make an appointment in person, bringing their passport, and arrive before 9 AM as appointments are limited. The individual was advised that they could not use the online service to make an appointment and must visit in person.

It was clarified that the video does not need to be watched at the office but should be watched online beforehand. The requirement for proof of "completion" was emphasized, noting that there is some interaction required during the playing of the online video.

The process of making an appointment was outlined, which involved showing a licence and passport, choosing a preferred time for the appointment, and receiving a list of requirements for the test, including the website for the video. The individual was instructed to watch this video at home and answer questions online during the video, then print out a confirmation screen showing they had passed the video test to bring to their appointment.

Finally, the individual was warned that they could not simply show up and take the test without following these steps. This information was confirmed to be accurate as of the previous week.

In conclusion, Thai Kru is proficient in guiding foreigners through various processes in Thailand, including obtaining visas and renewing licenses. Through reliable and up-to-date information, Thai Kru can provide essential assistance to individuals looking to visit, retire, live long term or work in Thailand.

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