Which are the best food delivery apps in Thailand?

Seeking the finest dining options in Thailand can be challenging for many, but with the abundance of food delivery apps in the country, the process becomes much more accessible. Opting for these apps ensures convenience as they bring your desired meals directly to you, allowing you to enjoy a wide array of culinary delights from the comfort of your location.

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In Thailand, there are over 500,000 in-country restaurants, with more than twelve prominent food delivery apps available. A noteworthy 21% of the Thai population utilizes these apps three to six times a week, presenting a diverse culinary landscape. For someone new to Bangkok, the abundance of choices can pose a challenge in selecting the best option.


Grab, the largest delivery app in Thailand, stands out with its myriad promotions, making it a favorite among users. Beyond its extensive delivery services, Grab excels with its accurate mapping feature, ensuring smooth and efficient navigation for drivers. The platform goes beyond just food delivery, offering additional services like taxi rides, grocery deliveries through Mart, and swift courier services with Grab Express. With a commitment to convenience and a variety of offerings, Grab remains a go-to choice for those seeking a reliable and comprehensive delivery experience in Thailand.


Lineman, a cost-effective alternative to Grab, stands out for its affordability in both express and food services. The platform offers user-friendly access to codes and promotions, enhancing the overall cost savings for its users. Lineman also distinguishes itself by providing a broader selection of grocery stores, catering to diverse preferences. With a focus on affordability, accessibility, and an extensive range of grocery options, Lineman appeals to those seeking a budget-friendly and convenient delivery experience in Thailand.


Robinhood Food Delivery, a standout option, offers an extensive array of restaurants, encompassing both large establishments and smaller eateries. Boasting the most economical delivery charges and the lowest food costs, Robinhood is a budget-friendly choice for users. Additionally, customers enjoy a consistent 8% discount from partnered stores throughout the year, further enhancing the affordability and appeal of the platform. With a focus on variety, cost-effectiveness, and year-round discounts, Robinhood Food Delivery caters to those seeking an economical and diverse culinary experience in Thailand.


Foodpanda, a versatile food delivery app, stands out with its diverse selection of restaurants, offering both local and international cuisines. Recognized for its swift delivery service, Foodpanda ensures that meals reach customers promptly. One distinctive feature is the convenience of ordering without the need to create an account, streamlining the process for users. With a focus on variety, speed, and user-friendly accessibility, Foodpanda caters to those looking for a quick and diverse culinary experience without the hassle of mandatory account creation in Thailand.

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