Can my under 50 wife be included in my Retirement Visa application, and can we continually renew this visa while in Thailand?

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Case Study: Inclusion of Under-50 Spouse in Non-OA Visa Application

The original case involved an individual over 50 years old who met all the requirements for a Non-OA Retirement Visa. He was interested in understanding whether his wife, who is under 50, could be included in his application. The individual also wanted to know if the visa could be continually renewed every year while meeting all the requirements. The couple was considering applying in the UK or Thailand, particularly Phuket, but were unsure due to the wife's Canadian citizenship.

In response to the query, Thai Kru clarified that while the spouse cannot be "included" in the Non-OA application, she can apply for a Non-O dependent visa, given that they are legally married and regardless of her age. The Non-OA visa is valid for one year and allows a stay of up to 365 days from the entry point to Thailand. The spouse's Non-O dependent visa is valid for 90 days with a single entry and allows a stay of up to 90 days.

Upon entering Thailand and when less than 45 days remain on her stamp at certain immigration offices (or 30 days in most offices), the couple can apply for an extension at a local immigration office. The wife would then be granted an extension matching the husband's "until" date.

In terms of application location, Thai Kru confirmed that the couple could apply for their visas in the UK. They were advised to check the Thai embassy's website in London for the Non-OA requirements, which also mention the spouse. However, applications for Non-OA or Non-O dependent on retiree visas cannot be made at the Phuket immigration office. These need to be applied for at a Thai embassy/consulate.

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