Spending money in Thailand the RIGHT way?

Have trouble planning your retirement budget in Thailand? We have selected our best content to help shape your financial strategy and spending tactics.

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“How should I budget my long stay in Thailand?”

If you are asking yourself this question, we understand your pain. Money is no laughing matter. One mistake can make everything fall apart.

However, you are in luck. Because in This week's newsletter, we will reveal the secret to answering that exact question. 

With our 5 selected content, you will gain insight into what to do with your money and what mistakes you should avoid. And without further ado, let’s jump right in.

How to Budget your Retirement in Thailand?

Want to retire in Thailand but don’t even know where to start? Let Chalida help you.

Moving to another country like Thailand is daunting. You need an enormous resource pool and a great plan to pull it off. And by a great plan, we mean a detailed step-by-step plan you can follow.

In this video, Chalida will tell you every dollar you need to live happily in Thailand after your retirement. From visas, insurance to accommodations, and more.

You might not know a thing now. But after watching this video, you will be planning your budget like a finance expert.

SURVIVE on $600 per month in Thailand? Are you man enough?

Did you know an average Bangkokian earns around 18,000 baht per month? That’s roughly 600 USD!

Such a small number brings up a question: how do they even survive?

In this video, Jayna will disclose all the details on budgeting yourself like real Thais. She will break down everything you need to consider. These include the apartment rent, food expenses, utility bills, and groceries costs.

Amid all that, she will also give you some tips and tricks on how to save as much money as you can.

So, if you are looking for a tight-budget guideline, this is a perfect video for you.

SURVIVE on $1000 per month in Thailand?

Now. If $600 a month sounds too harsh for you, then how about $1000?

If you are looking for a cozy and comfortable life in Thailand, this amount of budget might appear a bit too small at first. But after watching this video, you might change your mind.

Since the cost of living in Thailand is relatively low, $1000 or 33,000 baht is quite high. You can get much more than you imagine.

Just like in the first video, Jayna is also here to discuss the cost of rent, food, utilities, and groceries. And to add some spice to it, she will talk about some entertainment spending as well.

Are you WASTING YOUR MONEY in Thailand??

As you already know, money is easy to spend. And sometimes, that ease of use causes you a lot of trouble.

So, to prevent that, Jayna is here to help you. And as always, she comes jam-packed with useful information to keep those bonk notes in your pocket (or bank account).

She will give you 6 things you need to be careful about when you want to spend less. Follow her instruction. You will see a sharp plunge in your expenses. And who knows? You might end up saving enough for a short vacation every month.

Thailand Retirement Calculator

Is budgeting your retirement giving you too much headache? Well… how about let us do it for you?

Ladies and gentlemen! Allow us to introduce the “Thailand Retirement Calculator.”

This tool will make your budget planning an easy and fast experience.

We only ask you 4 questions.

  • How long do you want to be in Thailand?
  • How much is your monthly income?
  • Where in Thailand do you want to live?
  • What is your name and Email?

It takes less than a minute to answer these questions. And after that, you will know exactly how to manage your budget.

What could be more convenient than this? 

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