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Best to get your savings up, or find a better source of income so you can stay long term in Thailand.

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      This is your money, but used to show the immigration authorities so you can get your visa. You can use this money once you get your visa. But you do need to show it the next time you renew your visa.


    * These estimates and resulting calculations do not include cost of living increases year over year.

    * These estimates and calculations do not take into account the possibility of exchange rate fluctuations. As at the time of this report (2024-07-20T00:52:45.653241Z) the current exchange rate is ฿1.00 THB to .

    * We are constantly updating the underlying numbers to reflect changes in the marketplace. As a result, these numbers are estimates and averages of the costs in the areas involved and will continually change over time. Your personal situation and your case is probably different. These are just offered as a guideline for your Thailand retirement planning. You should always do your own due diligence.

    * Thai Kru is not responsible for your actions as a results of these estimates.