Thailand Privilege/Elite Visa

Are you looking for a life of leisure and luxury? Stay in Thailand hassle-free for 5 to 20 years with the Thailand Elite visa.

Who it is for: 

The Thailand Privilege Card Program is designed for individuals who wish to enjoy a range of privileges and conveniences while staying in Thailand. It is available to both retirees and individuals looking for long-term stays.As well as for those who currently hold the Elite Visa card and wish to transition to the new program.

Who can get it:

  • Persons who wish to stay long-term in Thailand
  • Person who wants to live an ultimate and exclusive lifestyle.

Who suitable for this visa:

  • Investors: Individuals seeking investment opportunities in Thailand.
  • Digital Nomads: Those who work remotely and have the flexibility to live and work from Thailand.
  • Thailand Expats: Foreign residents already living in Thailand or planning to relocate.
  • Retirees: Individuals looking for a peaceful and enjoyable retirement in Thailand.

Where to get it

Thailand Privilege Membership Package

  1. Gold Membership
    Validity: 5 years
    Cost: 900,000 THB
    Supplementary Membership Card : No
    Privilege Points: 20 points per year
  2. Platinum Membership
    Validity: 10 years
    Cost: 1,500,000 THB
    Supplementary Membership Card : 1,000,000 THB (Can be shared with the Primary Membership Card)
    Privilege Points: 35 points per year
  3. Diamond Membership
    Validity: 15 years
    Cost: 2,500,000 THB
    Supplementary Membership Card : 1,500,000THB (Can be shared with the Primary Membership Card)
    Privilege Points: 55 per year
  4. Reserve Membership
    Validity: 20 years
    Cost: 5,000,000 THB
    Supplementary Membership Card : 2,000,000THB (Can be shared with the Primary Membership Card)
    Privilege Points: 120 per year
    Requirements: available only through invitation to a select few

Thailand Privilege Visa Benefits:

  • Accommodation: Experience complimentary hotel stays, dining savings, and special advantages with our real estate partners.
  • Travel: Enjoy VIP welcome services, airport transfers, lounge access, car rental benefits, and exclusive travel offers.
  • Entertainment: Access personalized shopping assistance, entertainment benefits, discounts for sporting events, and exclusive concert access.
  • Health & Wellness: Benefit from golf, spa, fitness perks, health and dental check-ups, and advantages at aesthetic clinics.
  • Financial Planning: Receive expert guidance on health and investment, network at exclusive events, and access unique insurance packages.

How long to apply:

  • 1-3 Months

Our Service :

We offer professional assistance in Thailand Privilege Visa application process. 

The service included the following services:

  • Guiding you through the entire application process.
  • Document verification and assistance in completing the required forms.
  • Submission of your visa application to the Thai Immigration Office.
  • Regular updates on the status of your application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process for Thailand Privilege membership?

The Thailand Privilege application process involves completing and signing the application form for the chosen membership package. It will take from 1- 3 months depends on your documentations and criminal record check.

Are Thai volunteer visa holders eligible for the Thailand Privilege Membership program?

Thai volunteer visa holders are not eligible for the Thailand Privilege Membership program. This exclusion highlights the program’s focus on individuals with specific visa statuses, excluding those on volunteer visas

What is the PDPA form, and why is it required in the application process?

The PDPA form, or Personal Data Protection Act form, is required to ensure compliance with data protection regulations and is a crucial part of the application process.

How long does the background check for Thailand Privilege membership typically take?

The background check, a crucial step in the application process, typically takes between 4 to 6 weeks.

How to live in Thailand long term?

Selecting the right long-term visa in Thailand depends on various factors. If you’re over 50, the retirement visa might be suitable, while those with substantial wealth and working remotely could explore the LTR visa. Alternatively, if you have ample financial resources, the Elite/Privilege visa is an option. These visas provide extended stays based on different eligibility criteria. For assistance in choosing the most appropriate visa for your situation, you can contact Thai Kru. They can guide you through the requirements and help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and circumstances.

What are the accepted payment methods for Thailand Privilege membership fees?

hailand Privilege Card Company Limited accepts various payment methods, including credit or debit cards, mobile banking, banking transfers, Alipay and cash (in Thai Baht, deposited through a Krung Thai bank).

Where can you affix the visa sticker to their passport if they are abroad?

You can affix the visa sticker to their passport at a Thai international airport (if abroad), Royal Thai Embassy (if abroad), or Thai Immigration Office at Chaeng Wattana in Bangkok.

How long do you have to make a payment after receiving the approval letter and invoice?

You have 30 days after receiving their approval letter and invoice to make the required payment.

Can you apply for the Thailand Privilege Membership if you have a criminal offense or blacklist?

An applicant with a criminal offense or blacklist on record is not eligible for the Thailand Privilege Membership program. This strict criterion reflects the program’s commitment to ensuring the integrity and trustworthiness of its participants, fostering a community of individuals with clean legal backgrounds

How can you prove that you are of sound mind, as required by the Thailand Privilege Membership program?

To fulfill the Thailand Privilege Membership requirements, you need to provide medical documentation proving that they are of sound mind. This documentation adds an extra layer of scrutiny to ensure that participants possess the mental well-being necessary for responsible and positive engagement within the program.

Do you need a medical documentation in the Thailand Privilege Membership application process?

Medical documentation plays a critical role in the Thailand Privilege Membership application process. Applicants are required to provide evidence proving their sound mental health, emphasizing the program’s commitment to the well-being of its participants.

Can an applicant from North Korea apply for the Thailand Privilege Membership?

Applicants from North Korea are not eligible for the Thailand Privilege Membership program.

Who conducts the background check?

The background check is conducted by the Thai Immigration Office and Royal Thai Police.

What is the difference between Thai Elite and LTR?

Both the Thai Elite Visa and the Long-term Resident (LTR) Visa provide extended stay options for foreigners in Thailand. However, they differ in several aspects. The Thai Elite Visa operates on a membership fee system, whereas the Thailand LTR visa does not require a membership fee. The Thai Elite Visa offers greater flexibility in terms of the length of stay and visa renewal options compared to the LTR Visa. The Long-term Resident Visa typically mandates proof of financial stability and may be subject to more stringent regulations. Additionally, the Thai Elite Visa provides extra benefits, including VIP services and discounts, which are not offered with the Long-term Resident Visa.

Does a Thailand elite visa allow you work?

While the Elite/Thailand Privilege program offers extensive benefits, members are explicitly prohibited from engaging in work activities within Thailand. Thai Elite members who wish to seek employment in the country must do so by initially exiting Thailand, re-entering on a non-immigrant visa, and subsequently applying for a work permit. The program is designed to provide privileges and conveniences beyond those of a regular tourist visa but does not grant the right to work without adhering to the necessary immigration and employment regulations.

Is Thailand Elite or Privilege worth it?

Having the financial capacity to invest in an Elite membership could be worthwhile, considering the additional benefits and flexibility it offers. However, if you are over 50 and planning to retire in Thailand, the Retirement Visa might be a more suitable option. With the Retirement Visa, you don’t need to make an annual payment of THB 800,000; instead, you deposit the amount in your bank account as proof of funds. After 2-3 months, you can use this money, and you’ll need to refill it two months before the renewal. This option can provide a more cost-effective approach for retirees, allowing them to manage their finances more efficiently.

Is Thailand elite visa being discontinued?

The Elite program has been discontinued, and in its place, a superior version known as the Thailand Privilege visa has been introduced, offering enhanced benefits and VIP privileges to holders. This upgraded visa program started in October 2023, providing a more advanced and improved experience for its participants.

Do I need to send original application documents or can I scan and email?

Original documents are not required. We only need a colored copy of the scanned documents. All correspondence can be emailed to your Thailand Privilege or if you use our Thai Kru’s service, we will take care of everything.

Can a Thai Privilege visa holder buy real estate in Thailand?

While individuals holding a Thai Privilege visa are permitted to own condominiums in their own name, the ownership of land is restricted. Those desiring to construct a building can do so but will not have ownership of the land beneath it. Instead, they can secure a long-term lease on the land, extending up to 30 years. To build a house on the leased land, applicants must apply for a construction permit in their own name. This arrangement allows individuals to possess ownership of the house while maintaining a secured long-term lease on the land. Essentially, the Thai Privilege visa holders can enjoy property ownership through this structured approach despite the restriction on land ownership.

Can you apply for Thailand Privilege Membership if have less than a year of validity on passport?

You must have at least a one-year validity on their travel document or passport to qualify for the Thailand Privilege Membership. This requirement ensures that participants have a sustained commitment to travel, aligning with the program’s goal of attracting individuals with enduring plans and engagements in Thailand.

Is it easy to get Thai Elite visa or Thailand Privilege visa?

If you meet the financial requirements, you are eligible to apply for the Thailand Elite membership program and the Thailand Elite Privilege Visa. The application process typically spans 1 to 3 months, with the exact duration influenced by the applicant’s nationality and potential considerations related to immigration or criminal records. The background checks, an integral part of the process, may take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to complete. It’s important to note that these timelines may vary based on individual circumstances and the specific requirements of the application.

What is involved with the background check?

Your information will be forwarded to Thai Immigration and pertinent authorities for verification. This process includes confirmation of personal and passport details, as well as a thorough due diligence and investigation. They will scrutinize various aspects, such as criminal records in both Thailand and your home country, any history of bankruptcy or insolvency, instances of past overstay or bans from Thailand, and the status of your previous Thai visas. This comprehensive examination ensures compliance with immigration regulations and helps maintain the integrity and security of the immigration system.

Can I study in Thailand with a Thai Elite/ Thailand Privilege Visa?

You have the option to pursue studies at private academies, such as learning Muay Thai, the Thai language, or taking Thai cooking classes. However, enrolling in Thai universities or schools is not permitted with the Thai Elite/Thailand Privilege Visa. If you plan to study at government schools or universities, it is necessary to obtain a Thai Education visa for that specific purpose.

What is the cheapest program of Thailand Privilege visa?

The most affordable option for this program is the Gold Membership. This membership is valid for 5 years and costs 900,000 THB (approximately $24,800 USD). It comes with 20 privilege points per year and offers a range of benefits, including a 5-year Multiple-Entry Visa, a 1-year Permit to Stay per entry into Thailand with the option to extend, unlimited access to the Premium Lane for expedited immigration at airports, unlimited access to an Elite Personal Assistant (EPA), and annual health checkups once per membership validity. These features make the Gold Membership a cost-effective choice for those seeking an extended and comprehensive experience within the Thailand Elite program.

Do I have to pay income taxes in Thailand as a Thai Elite / Thailand Privilege visa holder?

The Thai Elite/Thailand Privilege Visa, categorized as a privilege visa falling under the special tourist visa or privilege entry category, exempts the visa holder from the obligation to pay income taxes, particularly when the income is earned outside of Thailand. However, there are situations where a Visa holder might choose to voluntarily pay income tax in Thailand. This voluntary payment is typically done to secure a tax identification number (Tax ID) in Thailand, even though the income itself may be derived from overseas sources. The option to pay income tax voluntarily allows visa holders to obtain a Tax ID if needed for certain purposes or transactions within the country.

Are there any changes to the application process compare to Elite visa?

Applying for the new Thailand Privilege membership is just like how you used to apply for a Thai Elite Visa. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Fill out and sign the application form.
  • Sign the PDPA Form.
  • Provide a color photocopy of your passport, making sure the signature is visible and matches the forms.
  • Include a passport-sized color photo of yourself against a white background.
  • After you submit the application, here are the steps:
  • Wait for the background check to be completed.
  • Once approved, you’ll get an approval letter and an invoice.
  • Follow the instructions on the invoice to make the payment to Thailand Privilege Card (TPC).
  • Wait to receive the welcome letter and your membership ID.
  • Attach the new visa to your passport.
Is it possible for me to upgrade to a new membership scheme if I currently hold an old Thai Elite membership?

Individuals holding a Thai Elite Visa have the option to upgrade to the latest Thailand Privilege cards to enjoy additional privileges. The upgrade process will be available starting January 2024, and further details on how to proceed with the upgrade will be provided as the date approaches.

Am I eligible to apply for Thai Elite/ Thailand Privilege if I have previously been bankrupt?

Eligibility for a Thai Elite visa depends on whether you are currently within the bankruptcy timeframe for your country. If you are outside this period, you are eligible to apply for the visa. However, if you are currently within the term of bankruptcy, you are not eligible to submit a visa application.

What are the benefits of the Reserve Club for Thailand Privilege Reserve Members?

The Reserve Membership offers a 20-year duration at a cost of 5 million THB (approximately $138,000 USD) and provides members with 120 points annually. This exclusive package is available solely through invitation, ensuring a selective membership base. The benefits include access to the prestigious Reserve Club, personalized concierge services, seasonal gifts, priority services, and a dedicated, exclusive hotline, among other privileges. This membership promises a high level of exclusivity and tailored services for those fortunate enough to receive an invitation.

What are the additional costs for the Thailand Privilege Platinum Membership for an additional member?

The additional cost for an additional member in the Thailand Privilege Platinum Membership is 1 million THB.

How often can Thailand Privilege Gold Members access an Elite Personal Assistant (EPA)?

Thailand Privilege Gold Members can access an Elite Personal Assistant (EPA) as often as needed.

Can I apply to Thailand Privilege visa if I hold Education visa?

No, a Thai Elite visa cannot be approved while holding an Education visa, which is categorized as a long-stay visa. The Education visa must be canceled before the Thai Elite visa application can be processed. Once the Education visa is canceled and the Thai Elite visa is approved, you must exit Thailand. Upon re-entry, the new Thai Elite visa will be affixed to a passport. It’s important to note that individuals holding an Education visa without certification from the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) will not be granted approval for the Thailand Elite program.

Are there any changes to the list of concerned nationalities and restricted countries?

Currently, there have been minimal alterations to the list of countries restricted from applying for a Thailand Privilege visa. Notably, China stands out as the primary beneficiary of these recent updates for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Chinese nationals no longer have to undergo criminal record checks that are lengthier compared to those of other nationalities. Additionally, Chinese applicants are no longer obliged to contact Interpol prior to their application. While changes for other nationalities have not been implemented yet, Thailand Privilege has hinted at upcoming modifications in the future.

Do you get similar immigration benefits with the Thailand Privilege program as I would with the Thai Elite membership?

Members of the Thailand Privilege program still enjoy several familiar benefits, such as not requiring a re-entry permit, receiving assistance with bank accounts and driver’s licenses, the option to hire an agent for 90-day reporting at no cost, and exemption from annual fees. However, the introduction of the privilege point system means that access to some of these perks is now tied to accumulating privilege points. Members may need to redeem privilege points to avail themselves of benefits like free bank account assistance, driver’s license assistance, agent support for 90-day reporting, and other government benefits. It’s worth noting that with the Thailand Elite, many of these benefits were previously included as part of the baseline package.

How long does it take to get Thailand Privilege visa?

The timeline for the whole application process is estimated to be between 1 to 3 months.

How does an applicant prove that they have not overstayed on their travel record within the past 3 years?

To prove that they have not overstayed on their travel record within the past three years, Thailand Privilege Membership applicants may need to provide documentation verifying their travel history. This requirement adds an extra layer of scrutiny to ensure compliance with immigration regulations.

How many years should you have a clean travel record to be eligible for the Thailand privilege visa?

To be eligible for the Thailand Privilege Membership, an applicant must maintain a clean travel record with no overstays within the three years preceding their application. This requirement underscores the importance of adhering to immigration regulations and reflects the program’s commitment to applicants who comply with Thai travel laws.

What are the key qualifications for the Thailand Privilege Membership program?

The Thailand Privilege Membership program requires applicants to meet several key qualifications. These include having a clean travel record with no overstays within the past three years, being granted the right to reside in Thailand in accordance with Thai immigration law, and holding a foreign passport from an eligible country or a valid visa in Thailand (excluding Thai volunteer visas). Additionally, applicants must not have any criminal offenses or blacklists on record, provide medical documentation proving sound mental health, and possess a travel document or passport with a minimum validity of one year.

What documents are required to be submitted during the Thailand Privilege application process?

Required documents for the Thailand Privilege application process include the filled and signed application form, a signed PDPA form, a color photocopy of the applicant’s passport with the signature displayed, a passport-sized color photo against a white background, and supplementary documentation if requested.

What is the estimated delivery time for approval letters, invoices, membership IDs, and welcome letters?

The estimated delivery time for approval letters, invoices, membership IDs, and welcome letters is around 5-10 working days.

Can family members be added to a Thailand Privilege membership?

Yes, family members can be added on for a certain fee: GOLD: 900,000 THB fee per additional family member. PLATINUM: 1,000,000 THB fee per additional family member. DIAMOND: 1,500,000 THB fee per additional family member.

What is the minimum validity period required for your passport?

The Thailand Privilege Membership program requires applicants to have a travel document or passport with at least a one-year validity.