Business Visa (Company setup in Thailand)

Live and work in Thailand with the Thailand Business Visa for a long-term adventure.

Who it is for:

The Business Visa is designed for individuals and business owners who intend to start or expand their businesses in Thailand. It's suitable for those seeking to establish a company, obtain a business visa, and acquire a work permit to conduct business activities in the country and live in Thailand long-term.

Who can get it:

  • Business owners from any country

Where to get it:

  • Local Thai Immigration Office
  • Thai Kru service (See below)

Required Documents to Apply:

  • Passport
  • Company Registration 
  • Thai Business Bank Account
  • Recruitment of 4 Thai Employees
  • A Registered Business Address with Thailand Department of Business Development (DBD)

Period of Stay:

  • 12 Months (Renewable each year)

Physical Presence:

  • You do not need to be in Thailand to set up everything, but you do need to be here to sign the final documents, get your visa + work permit and open the bank account.

How long to apply:

  • 90 days

Our Service Cost:

We offer professional assistance in the Non- Immigrant B Business Visa application process. Our service cost for helping you with the visa application is THB 140,000. 

This fee includes the following services:

  • Company Registration
  • Assistance in opening Thai Business Account
  • Assistance in locating a registered business address.
  • Recruitment of 4 Thai staff.
  • Support in obtaining a work permit after obtaining a Non-B Visa
  • Guiding you through the entire application process.
  • Document verification and assistance in completing the required forms.
  • Submission of your visa application to the Thai Immigration Office.
  • Regular updates on the status of your application.

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