Children Visa

Enjoy family time in Thailand with the 90-Day "O" Children Visa for retirees.

Who it is for:

This visa is intended for children of the main applicant who holds a Retirement Visa in Thailand. It allows families to accompany the retiree and live in Thailand during the retirement period.

Who can get it:

  • Children or legally adopted child who is under 20 years old unless they are unable to support themselves due to mental or physical condition
  • Children who are dependent on a Thai Retirement Visa holder
  • Who apply from their country

Where to get it :

  • Local Thai embassy
  • Online visa website (only some countries)
  • Thai Kru service (See below)

Required Documents to Apply:

  • Passport
  • Passport Size photo (or digital photo from your phone)
  • Flight booking
  • A copy of retiree’s passport, including visa, visa stamps 
  • Financial proof for retiree's stability
  • Evidence of the relationship - Birth Certificate / Certificate of adoption
  • Hotel booking or a property (rented or owned) or letter from retiree confirming their residence in Thailand
  • Residence proof in a country in which visa application is submitted
  • A letter from a retiree confirming children's visit

Period of Stay : 

  • 90 days

How long to apply

  • 15-21 days

What it Costs: 

  • Visa Fee: $80

Our Service Cost:

We offer professional assistance in the Non-O Visa for children application process. Our service cost for helping you with a visa application is $300. 

This fee includes the following services:

  • Guiding you through the entire application process.
  • Document verification and assistance in completing the required forms.
  • Submission of your visa application to the Thai Immigration Office.
  • Regular updates on the status of your application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any specific requirements for a birth certificate?

There are no specific requirements for the birth certificate, as long as it is a government-issued or locally approved certificate from the country where you are applying for the visa .

How do I write a relationship letter for a visa?

Simply write a letter confirming your relationship with your children, acknowledging their visits to Thailand, and expressing your willingness and financial ability to support them during their stay in Thailand. After writing the letter, print it out and sign your signature on the document.

How long is the visa for children typically granted for?

If the children apply from their home country, the period of stay on this visa is 90 days. When they are in Thailand, they can visit Thai Immigration office nearby to request for extension. However, it depends on immigration office to consider your extended stay.

How long does it typically take to process a children visa application online?

15-21 days depends on consulate

What rights and privileges does the children have on this visa in terms of education, healthcare, and employment?

The children can only access healthcare in Thailand when they are sick or need to see a doctor. However, the children visa cannot be used for studying or working in any business in Thailand.

Is health insurance a requirement for a children visa ?

No, health insurance is not required for this visa but it’s advisable to have health insurance when you are travelling to another country.

What are the financial requirements for applying visa for children?

Financial proof for the retiree’s stability, evidence of the relationship (birth certificate) is the financial requirement for applying this visa.

What is a letter of support for a children?

Letters of support are statements written by the retiree, confirming their ability to financially support their children during their stay in Thailand. These letters also acknowledge the children’s intention to come to Thailand and stay with the retiree.

Is there a waiting period for a children visa application?

There is no specific waiting period. You can apply for the visa as frequently as your requirements are met.

Do children need to show proof of financial stability, or is it only required for the retiree?

For the purpose of proving financial support when a retiree’s children are visiting Thailand, it may be sufficient to provide proof of the retiree’s financial capability to support their children during their stay. This could include bank statements, a letter of support, or any other documentation that demonstrates the retiree’s financial capacity to cover their children’s expenses while in Thailand

Can a children of a retirement visa holder apply for a dependent visa?

Yes, the children will get Non-O Visa following the retree in Thailand. The children can apply this visa from their own country and it will grant them a 90-day stay. This stay can be extended at a Thai Immigration office while they are in Thailand.

Do my children neea a visa if they're from a visa-exempt country?

They can enter Thailand with a visa exemption, which allows for a 30-day stay in the country and can be extended for an additional 30 days. This option is a good choice if they plan to spend a short period in Thailand or wish to visit Thai family briefly.

What are the penalties for working illegally on a this type of visa?

The consequences for working illegally under this visa are similar to those in other countries. You could face deportation, a ban from reentry, fines, and blacklisting. Therefore, if you genuinely intend to work in Thailand, it’s advisable to apply for a business visa instead.

Is a criminal background check necessary for a children visa application?

No, it is not neccessary.

Can a dependent child be included in a spouse visa application?

While it is not part of the same visa application, children can independently apply for their own visas. Children under the age of 20 are eligible to apply for a dependent visa following the main applicant or the retirement visa holder, allowing them to stay in Thailand just like the spouse visa.

Can a children visa holder travel in and out of Thailand freely?

No, the visa is a single-entry visa. If they plan to leave Thailand for another country while still within the initial 90-day period, they will need to apply for a re-entry permit at the airport before departing. This permit will allow them to return to Thailand using the same visa.

What's the difference between a dependent visa and a children visa?

In fact, these visas are identical and are collectively known as the Non-immigrant O visa. This particular visa is tailored for individuals who are not Thai citizens and wish to stay in Thailand for a brief duration. It is open to spouses, children, family members, individuals on short business trips, and even those seeking medical treatment, all of whom can apply under the Non-O visa category.

Can children get Thai citizenship if they were born in Thailand?

In Thailand, children born to non-Thai parents do not automatically gain Thai citizenship at birth. Citizenship eligibility depends on factors such as the parents’ nationality and residency status. If both parents had a residence permit in Thailand before the child’s birth, the child can acquire Thai citizenship. However, if the parents are foreigners without permanent residence status in Thailand, and the child is born in the country, they will not acquire Thai citizenship.

What's the maximum age limit for a children visa applicant?

Children are eligible for this visa if they are under 20 years old, unless they are unable to support themselves due to a mental or physical condition. If they are over 20 years old, they can apply for their own visa, and the financial support must be under their names.

Can my children visit all regions of Thailand with a children visa?

Certainly, with a valid visa, your children have the freedom to explore all of Thailand’s diverse regions. From the northern to the southern parts of the country, from the bustling capital city to remote rural areas, they can explore the beauty of Thailand. They can relax on its various stunning beaches or have an adventurous motorbike journeys through the picturesque mountains in the north. The key is to plan your trip carefully to make the most of your visit.

Can the children of a retirement visa holder study in Thailand?

Certainly not. The visa is specifically intended for the purpose of enabling family members to reside together or visit family in Thailand exclusively. If they intends to study in Thailand, they will need to apply for an Education visa and enroll in the accredited schools or university in Thailand.

Can my children visit me on tourist visa?

Certainly, your children can visit you in Thailand on a tourist visa, which initially grants 60 days and can be extended for an additional 30 days while in Thailand. But supporting documents will be diffrent, children will need to provide a No Objection Letter for travel, sponsor information from their parents including a letter, photocopies of the parents’ passport and residence visa. If the children are below 15 years old, a No Objection Letter signed by both parents is required.

Are there any language proficiency requirements for the children visa?

No, this visa is intended for temporary stays, so there is no requirement for Thai language proficiency.

Can the application for this visa be made online ?

Certainly, in specific countries, it is possible to submit a visa application online. To determine your eligibility for online visa application, kindly consult with Thai Kru. We can check your eligilility and start submit the vis application for you and make sure the procees is correct.

Can my children travel to Thailand with my relatives who have different family name?

When traveling with a child whose family name differs from yours, certain documentation is required. You must have an official relationship document, such as a birth certificate, along with a consent letter from the other parent or legal guardian, accompanied by a copy of their passport. It’s important to note that the consent letter must be in either English or Thai and must be legalized for effectiveness.

Can a 13 year old travel internationally?

If the children are below 15 years old, a No Objection Letter signed by both parents is required and supporting documents will be diffrent, children will need to provide a No Objection Letter for travel, sponsor information from their parents including a letter, photocopies of the parents’ passport and residence visa. Then they can travel internationally.

What is the maximum duration this visa can be extended for, if at all?

There is no set maximum time for extending this type of visa. The duration of the extension depends on the immigration office’s discretion in Thailand, provided that you meet the necessary requirements and can provide a valid and reasonable reason for prolonging your stay.

What is the process for renewing this visa after the initial 90-day period?

You can apply for an extension at the immigration office in Thailand by visiting in person and paying THB1,900 in cash. If your application is approved, you may be granted a one-year extension based on the reasons you provide to the immigration officers.

What is the difference between Evisa and visa on arrival in Thailand?

The difference between Evisa and Visa on Arrival lies in the application process. Evisa involves submitting a visa application online and is available for many countries. In contrast, Visa on Arrival is granted when you arrive at a Thai airport and is only available to citizens of certain countries. A Visa on Arrival permits a stay in Thailand for up to 15 days.”

Can my children apply for this type of visa in Thailand?

Yes, your children can initially visit Thailand with a tourist visa, and then, after preparing all the required supporting documents, both the retiree and children must be present in person at the immigration office to apply for this specific visa. The initial tourist visa should have at least 21 days left before applying in Thailand, it is essential to provide all the necessary supporting documents when you both visit the immigration office. These documents are crucial for the successful application of the visa.

Can my children access healthcare services in Thailand?

Yes, Thailand offers excellent healthcare services that are accessible to individuals of any nationality when needed. The top hospitals in Thailand also employ English-speaking staff who can provide assistance and support for international patients.

Who is eligible for a Thailand Children visa ?

This type of visa falls under the Non-Immigrant O Visa category. A “children’s visa” is intended for the dependent children of Thai retirement visa holders. Children who are legally the offspring of retirement visa holders and are under 20 years old are eligible to apply for this visa to join the retiree in Thailand.

What happens if the financial requirements for the visa are not met?

If your visa application is not in compliance with the embassy’s requirements, it may be denied without a refund. To avoid this, please ensure that your supporting documents are accurate and meet the embassy’s criteria. Alternatively, you can use the Thai Kru service, as we carefully review and verify all your documents before submission to ensure a smooth process.

Can children traveling without parents enter and exit Thailand ?

Unaccompanied children can travel in and out of Thailand and transit within the country. Criteria for such travel include prior notification to the airline, specifying child details, and completing the “Handling Advice for Unaccompanied Minor” form. A designated guardian must pick up the child at the arrival airport. Handling fees apply for international flights. Children aged 12-16 traveling alone can receive special assistance. The airline offers support, including baggage handling and meal assistance.

Is a birth certificate required for a spouse visa application?

Certainly, the birth certificate is a mandatory requirement when applying for a chidrem visa. It serves as proof that the children and retiree are legally family and have the intention to reside together in Thailand as a family.